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Fequently asked questions

For private individuals

  • No, as a consumer it is not possible to order directly from us. Look at our  dealers for the nearest point of sale.

  • For the production of the Forged knives, we looked at materials from which maximum quality can be obtained, without this being at the expense of the

    For the manufacture of our knives, we use 2 Japanese steel types, 440C, and VG10 steel. 440C is a reliable and very solid type of steel. A positive and important property of this stainless steel is that it can also be sharpened very well afterward.

    VG10 steel is a durable and strong type of steel that has long proven itself as a type of steel with pleasant properties such as corrosion resistance and longlasting sharpness.

  • A knife is not just a knife; each type has its own functionality. Knives are as different as the ingredients they have to cut. The difference lies in the size, the shape of the blade, and the cutting edge. The knife has to do the work for you; by using the right type of knife, you will experience the best cutting results, the most pleasure, and convenience. Therefore, we are happy to tell you more about all our different knives and what their best uses are. Check out our knife guide for a detailed explanation of the capabilities of the various knives.

  • Small burrs may form in the blade during use of the knives. These can be removed with a sharpening steel. Despite the use of a sharpening steel, the knife may eventually become somewhat blunt. In this case we recommend that you have your knife sharpened by a reputable knife sharpener.

  • The blades are coated with oil in the workshop for protection during transport and storage. It sometimes happens that too little oil is applied, resulting in small spots of rust. But not to worry! These rust spots can be removed with, for example, Ballistol oil. This is also an oil that we recommend to use for the maintenance of Forged knives.

    For more maintenance tips, please refer to our maintenance instruction.

  • The rough part of the blade is untreated steel and therefore a little more susceptible to rust than a standard kitchen knife. The knives therefore need just a little more attention to keep them clean. We therefore recommend always drying the knives with a tea towel after washing (using a soft brush or sponge with hot water, without aggressive detergents). If the knives are stored damp, rust will be the result.

    For more maintenance tips, please refer to our maintenance instruction.

  • No, the Forged products cannot go into the dishwasher (with the exception of the Churrasco Forged stainless steel gripping tongs).

    For more maintenance tips, please refer to our maintenance instruction.

  • The Forged knives can be engraved. Please contact your local shop to inquire about the possibilities. For the Netherlands, we refer to Meesterslijpers (Masters Grinders) in Amsterdam. They sell the brand, have their own engraving studio, and are real professionals. For more information see www.meesterslijpers.nl.

  • We do our utmost to guarantee the quality of our products. Despite our efforts, it may happen that an item does not meet the required quality. In that case, you as an individual should contact the store where you purchased the item. They can contact us. For a quick settlement we need a good photo of the defect and a copy of the purchase receipt.

    On our Forged knives we give a warranty of 10 years.

    Please note that we can never give a guarantee on poor maintenance or damage due to misuse.

For companies

  • You can order through our webshop, by e-mail or by telephone.

  • When you place an order through our webshop, you will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation and an overview of the ordered products immediately after completion of your order.

  • If no specific agreements have been made, we aim to ship orders within 1-3 business days. For new customers, the order will be shipped as soon as the total amount stated on the pro forma invoice has been credited to our bank account.

  • After delivery, you are obliged to assess the quality of the delivered products. If for qualitative reasons, you do not wish to purchase a product, you must contact our sales department within 2 business days.

  • On the login page of our webshop, you will find the link “Forgot password”. You can create a new password via this link.