You can see an overview of our points of sale below.

As a consumer it is not possible to order our products directly from us. Our products are for sale at the better online (BBQ) shops.

Check out the list of all our outlets:

Aramis Trading GmbH

Photo of Aramis Trading GmbH
Eschenstrasse 17 Bad Ragaz 7310 Zwitserland Telefoon: +41 081 330 1852 Website: Aramis Trading GmbH

Banador s.r.o.

Photo of Banador s.r.o.
Jinačovice 509 E Jinačovice CZ 664 34 Czech Republic Telefoon: +420 774 333 593 Website: www.banador.cz


Photo of Griliai.Lt
Žemaičių pl. 37 Kaunas LT-48178 Litouwen Telefoon: +370 676 90777 Website: www.griliai.it

VanderLinden Luxury Ltd.

Photo of VanderLinden Luxury Ltd.
156 Bradshaw Dr. Stratford Ontario N5A 0G4 Canada Telefoon: 1-519-591-0247 Website: www.vanderlindenluxury.com