About Forged

Out of an enormous love for cooking and dining, in 2014 the idea was born to create a distinctive, attractive, high-quality but above all affordable knife range. A knife range that besides its functionalities would also be an extension of your kitchen, outdoor kitchen or of the user himself. Knives with which you can show your love for cooking and dining.

After coming into contact with a small but passionate knife factory that besides their traditional way of working also shared the same vision, the idea of a new knife brand took shape. In this factory, with its small workshop and enthusiastic knife-makers, each knife is still for the most part produced by hand in a traditional way. The workshop radiates passion for the craft; the heat, the smell and the orange glow of the fire, the hissing sound when the metal is cooled, but especially the forging of the knives works inspiring. This passion and craftsmanship, which you don’t normally see in the end result of a knife, was at the heart of Forged’s characteristic look that we wanted to create. And our name also derives from this.


The production of a Forged knife takes a lot of time, energy and patience: the knives are forged, shaped, hardened, ground, polished, washed and carefully packed by hand. Because of the forged look that is literally created by the hammer of the maker, every knife has a unique appearance. No knife is the same. And the idea that after the sale of a Forged knife, the user ‘handcrafts’ it by using, sharpening and treating it, honours the Japanese steel and thus the Japanese term wabi-sabi. This Japanese term stands for the beauty of an object that acquires its own character through years and intensive use. Every Forged knife, wherever it is used in the world, becomes even more unique after it is sold.

The beginning

In 2015 the Forged brand was launched with the first two ranges; Brute and Intense. Our knives and our vision were quickly embraced by many chefs and amateur cooks in Europe, and several new ranges and new (type) knives followed, which we continue to expand to this day. In 2021, Forged has a total of 6 different ranges, each with its own characteristic forged look and unique handle design. All Forged knives can also be recognised by the Forged logo that is stamped into every knife.


Where fire and passion are the most important key factors of our brand, these are also the most important elements of cooking. It was therefore not surprising that the Forged brand was quickly embraced in the culinary world. Especially in the BBQ world, our knives appear to be an extension of many passionate (amateur) chefs. Not only the functionality of each knife, but also its appearance turned out to be a perfect match with the world of fire and outdoor cooking.

With this in mind, we decided to launch a whole range of products in 2020 with the focus on enjoying good meat with good equipment and even better company. The basic ingredients of Churrasco. With Forged Churrasco, we wanted to breathe new life into this concept and make it possible for everyone to experience this style of cooking at home. Like our knives, the skewers and forks are made from high-quality steel and have an olivewood handle. Together with the cast-iron serving pan and the gripping tongs, this is the ideal set for cooking and eating outdoors with friends and family.


In addition to the Churrasco Forged series, we introduced another sensational product in 2020: the Flambadou. A unique BBQ tool with which we literally give meaning to ‘playing with fire’. Just as our products are literally forged with fire, you can do the same to your dishes with the Flambadou. Hot coals, high flames and dripping fat that catches fire and hisses, and gives your dish not only a delicious taste but also creates an unique experience that friends and family will not easily forget.