The Forged Flambadou is not just for tasty dishes, but also to impress spectacularly. Hot coals, high flames and dripping fat that catches fire and hisses, and gives your dish a delicious taste. It’s an experience in itself! This impressive method of cooking brings out delicious flavors in meat, fish or vegetables and completes your dish.

Flambadou recipes

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We are happy to share our most delicious Flambadou recipes with you! Check out all the tips and possibilities in the special Fire it Up with Flambadou.


  • Length of the flambadou is 100 cm
  • Made of cast iron
  • Lift made of olive wood
  • Olive wood handle is not fireproof

The flambadou’s cast-iron cone has been specially designed to be heated until it is red-hot, and can thus be placed directly into the fire or amidst the coals. When the cone is red-hot, you can put the fat into the cone after which it will burst into flames, melt and drip out of the bottom of the cone. This burning fat can then be drizzled onto a piece of meat, fish or any other dish to make it extra tasty.

The cone has a large opening at the top and a small opening at the bottom and is attached to a long handle of high-grade steel with an olivewood handle.